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Erican, being a top quality language centre, doesn't limit itself to English only. We also offer several other popular language courses. So whether you want to nihongo wo hanishite or parlez en français, Erican has the programme for you.


One of the most popular and romanticized languages for language enthusiasts world wide is the Japanese language. When one thinks of Japan, it could be a myriad of thoughts- from placid gardens with lovely sakura (cherry) tree blossoms, to ancient buildings filled with relics of the era of the brave samurai, to the bustling lively shopping district of Ginza.

Whatever their interest in this old and unique culture, many people have chosen Erican's General Japanese Course to learn this exotic language. This is likely for its comprehensive syllabus, which is very suitable for people wanting to learn Japanese. Students will learn the common and polite forms of Japanese as well as the three writing systems - hiragana, katakana and kanji.

Our lessons focuses on all areas of Japanese communication - reading, writing, speaking and listening - and involve the students in participative activities, ensuring they don't just read and write Japanese but hear and speak it too.


There are few cultures as old, as large in number or dialects or as influential on the history of mankind as the Chinese. The Chinese have spread through out the world and made themselves heard as inventors, artists, philosophers and shrewd business people, to name just a few of the industries they have excelled in.

Erican's General Mandarin and Mandarin for Young Learner's courses help students of varying ages to learn one of the most wide-spread and popular dialects of China. Mandarin for Young Learners is aimed directly at children from the ages of 7 to 12 to learn Mandarin. General Mandarin aims at helping teens and adults to learn this language and is broken into two components - Conversation and Listening & Reading Comprehension and Character Writing - allowing those who wish to learn only the verbal component to concentrate on that aspect alone.


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