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Located directly in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, within walking distance of the KLCC Petronas Twin Towers, the International Student centre at Megan Avenue II houses students from all over the world. Within these walls, we develop a large multi-cultural family.Our teachers also come from many walks of life, hailing from such countries as Britain, America, Canada, Australia and Malaysia.

The Certificate in English classes run from 9.30 am to 4.00 pm, Monday to Thursday and 9.30 am to 12.15 pm every Friday. So don't wait - why not come down and enjoy the mixed nationality at Erican College and master your English with us today?

Our International Student Services Department is ready and willing to help you with any problems you may encounter while studying with us. Don't hesitate to ask one of our friendly staff for assistance in any problem you may encounter during your stay.


The Erican International English Programme serves to enrich a student's English skills, particularly in the areas of speaking and listening. The Programme is designed to handle students of any level; all the way from Starters to Advanced. Students are placed in a level appropriate to their skill level by means of a carefully planned placement test.

12 instructional levels, level 1 to 12
Each level is 4-weeks in duration
Over 20 instructional hours per week
Maximum class size: 25
Classes are run everyday from Monday to Friday
Monday 9.30-4.30
Friday 9.30-12.15

1 ¼ Hours
1 ¼ Hours
1 ¼ Hours
Reading Skills
Reading Skills
Reading Skills
Reading Skills
1 ¼ Hours
Speaking/ Listening
Speaking/ Listening
Speaking/ Listening
Speaking/ Listening

Level 1 & Level 2 (Starter)
These levels are aimed at students who have nearly no knowledge of the English level. It will equip them with the necessary skills to take the Beginner level courses.

Level 3 & Level 4 (Beginner)
These levels are suitable for students with a limited knowledge of the English language. The Grammar component covers essentials such as basic verb forms and tenses.

Level 5 & Level 6 (Pre-Intermediate)
These levels are suitable for people who have completed a Beginners programme or for students who are coming back to English after learning it at some point in the past. The Grammar component covers key grammatical areas such as main verb tenses, modals, quantifiers and comparison structures.

Level 7 & Level 8 (Intermediate)
These levels are suitable for people who have completed a Pre-Intermediate programme. Students continue to enhance their knowledge of grammatical structures, increase their vocabulary and advance their writing skills.

Level 9 & Level 10 (Upper-Intermediate)
These levels are aimed at those who have completed an Intermediate programme. The Grammar component covers such areas as passive voice, conditional structures, modals and structures involving adjectives and adverbs.

Level 11 & Level 12 (Advanced)
By the time students have completed the Advanced syllabus, they should have achieved a sufficient level of English to enable them to sit for the University of Cambridge ESOL examination - Certificate in Advanced English (CAE).

APPLICATION FEE STUDY KIT * Free Airport pick-up for students applying for VISA * Free Study Trip / Study Tour * Certificate provided upon programme completion
RM200 RM200
1 TERM RM 100 RM 1,800 NO VISA RM 2,300 -
2 TERMS RM 200 RM 1,750 X 2 = RM 3,500 NO VISA RM 4,100 RM 100
3 TERMS RM 300 RM 1,700 X 3 = RM 5,100 NO VISA RM 5,800 RM 300
4 TERMS RM 400 RM 1,650 X 4 = RM 6,600 RM 1,500 (6 MONTHS) RM 8,900 RM 600
5 TERMS RM 500 RM 1,600 X 5 = RM 8,000 RM 1,500 (6 MONTHS) RM 10,400 RM 1,000
6 TERMS RM 600 RM 1,550 X 6 = RM 9,300 RM 1,500 (6 MONTHS) RM 11,800 RM 1,500
7 TERMS RM 700 RM 1,550 X 7 = RM 10,850 RM 2,000 (1 YEAR) RM 13,950 RM 1,750
8 TERMS RM 800 RM 1,500 X 8 = RM 12,000 RM 2,000 (1 YEAR) RM 15,200 RM 2,400
9 TERMS RM 900 RM 1,450 X 9 = RM 13,050 RM 2,000 (1 YEAR) RM 16,350 RM 3,150
10 TERMS RM 1,000 RM 1,400 X 10 = RM 14,000 RM 2,000 (1 YEAR) RM 17,400 RM 4,000
11 TERMS RM 1,100 RM 1,350 X 11 = RM 14,850 RM 2,000 (1 YEAR) RM 18,350 RM 4,950
12 TERMS RM 1,200 RM 1,300 X 12 = RM 15,600 RM 2,000 (1 YEAR) RM 19,200 RM 6,000

Cash, Credit Card or Cheques made payable to 'Erican College Sdn Bhd'

Direct Banking into our Maybank account:

Account Name: Erican College Sdn Bhd ____ Bank : Maybank Berhad

Account Number: 514495672711

Branch : KLCC ___ Branch Code : 14495

Swift Code: MBBEMYKL

Kindly fax to +6(03) 21649630 or email to the Bank-in-Slip with your NAME and NRIC / Passport Number written cleraly on it


-> All fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstance.

-> All fees must be paid before course commencement.

-> All fees are sbuject to a fixed exchange rate of 1 USD = 3 MYR

-> Visa charges are subject to EMGS ammendment.

-> ** Administration fees are inclusive of visa application, pick-up services, etc. The College reserves the right to adjust the rates started without prior notice.

-> Other terms and conditions apply. Kindly refer to the Admissions procedures for other terms.




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